My Writing Services FAQ


How much does it cost to have you write my book?

Every project is variable but on average, I charge .50 USD per word. Contact me to discuss your book so I can give you an estimate based on your needs.

Are you an agency?

No, I run my own ghostwriting business where I am the only author. When you work with me, you get the same personalized touch for each and every book. However, if I am booked up, I can refer you to other fantastic ghostwriters I know.

How long does it take you to finish a book?

Of course, the length of time it takes to write your book will depend on the word count. But I usually finish a full-length novel within two months. If you need your book done more urgently, I may be able to fit you in quicker with rush fees if my schedule allows.

Whose name goes on the book, mine or yours?

You own your book completely! Our contract will specify that upon delivery of payment, I waive all rights to the book I’ve written for you. You will be the only listed author for your book and have complete freedom over how and when you choose to publish it. You retain all rights to your book.

Will you ever reveal yourself as the real writer of my book?

Absolutely not. I sign an NDA with all my clients to assure you that I will keep your identity and your project a secret. I never reveal who my clients are. I will never use a sample of your book as an example of my work; all my samples are original works.

Will you help me publish my book?

Unfortunately, no, once the book is finished you will be on your own when it comes to publishing. I cannot guarantee your book will become a best-seller or promise a literary agent will choose your book. What I can promise is to deliver a well-written, marketable book that will resonate with your audience. You will have the very best book possible to begin your publishing journey.

What genres can you write in?

I can write in absolutely any genre and have, in fact, written in most! I have an extensive background in both fiction and non-fiction genres. My experience will be vital in writing your book as my knowledge of genre tropes and market expectations will bring your idea to the next level.

Do I have to pay for the entire book up front?

No, you will make installment payments as the book is being written. The first installment payment will be due at the same time we sign contracts for your book.

If you're a great writer, why don't you just publish your own books? Why ghostwrite?

Ghostwriting is my passion. I don’t particularly enjoy marketing my books, doing author interviews, or sacrificing my anonymity to publish. I much prefer to be the quiet face behind your book. As a ghostwriter, I am constantly writing in new, fun genres and honing my craft in a way that being an author would not allow me to do. I love that I can keep my anonymity and consistently write new projects that my clients are passionate about.

How can I get in touch with you?

Just scroll below and fill out the contact form! I look forward to speaking with you.


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Intro to Ghostwriting Course/Community FAQ

What is included in the course?

When you purchase my course, you are going to get access to eight different modules, approximately four hours of captioned video lectures, and a wide variety of downloadable resources that pertain to the lecture material.

How long is the course?

The course is approximately four hours of video lectures.

What if I’ve never written a book? Am I ready for the course?

Yes! The course covers individuals who have not yet written a book. But be prepared, you are going to have to write one before you get started with your first client.  

Does the course teach me how to be a great writer?

No, this is not a writing course. While I touch on resources with writing tips, ultimately this course focuses on creating a ghostwriting business. You’ll need to learn the craft of writing elsewhere.

Will this course tell me how to find clients?

Absolutely! I cover different ways that I and other ghostwriters have found clientele. You’ll learn both how to find your first clients and how to find higher-level clients once you gain some experience.

How long do I have access to the free community when I buy the course?

Forever! You will have permanent access to our community and can keep returning to it for advice about your ghostwriting career for months and years to come.

Do I have to finish the course in a set amount of time?

Nope! This is a self-guided course so go at your own pace. You’ll have access to this course forever and can do it on your own timeline.

What can we post in the course community?

The community serves as a space for you to ask questions about the profession, exchange feedback with other students, and celebrate your wins/losses on your ghostwriting journey. Feel free to talk about any ghostwriting related topics as long as you do not share private info of any clients.

Will you be posting in the community?

Absolutely! I’ll be hosting a weekly Q&A as well as trying to answer as many questions as I can through the week.

What if I have a question about a specific module?

Each module has a comment section where you can leave questions.

What if I don’t think the course is a good fit for for me after I buy it?

If you’re unhappy with the course in any way, do not hesitate to shoot me an email so we can rectify the situation.

If I’m already a ghostwriter, will I benefit from this course?

This depends on where you’re at in your career. This course is focused on beginner ghostwriters who want to elevate their career. You may already know some of the logistical information in this course, but I do have a module that is specific to raising your rates and finding higher-level clients.

What kind of resources are included in the course?

The resources vary widely, but include articles that go into more details about some of the lecture material, examples from my own ghostwriting career (including a dissection of a sample that has landed me work with literary agents), and a cold email I used when elevating my career from the lower level.

What if I don’t want to watch video lectures?

I have created transcripts of each module so you can read over the material instead of watching if that is what you prefer.

What will I need to complete the course?

All you need is an internet connection! While you can choose to take notes, all modules have transcriptions so you can utilize that to save lecture notes to your computer.

How is the course organized?

There are eight different modules each with a video lecture that is approximately 20-35 minutes in length. In the description of each lecture, you’ll find time stamps for specific subjects so you can easily move through the video.

How can I get started?

Click here to buy my ghostwriting course today!