Introduction to Ghostwriting Course

My ghostwriting course is aimed to take you from never having written a book to elevating your career into a six-figure endeavor. Please note, this course does not cover the craft of writing or teach you to write a book, but instead focuses on the business of ghostwriting. I'll advise you on what you need to do before you ever take on a client, how to market yourself as a ghostwriter, where to find your first clients, how to pitch them, how to manage the logistics of your ghostwriting clients, and how to level-up your career after you've gained experience so you can find clients paying five figures per book.


Ghostwriting is an exciting, scalable career where you can increase your earnings on a yearly basis. Though it is no get-rich-quick scheme, I truly believe that someone who was dedicated to learning this profession who put in the necessary work would find all they needed to succeed by utilizing my course. Get started on your new career today!

What is included in this course?

  • Approximately four hours of video lecture with captions
  • Text transcriptions of each video for those who prefer to read lessons
  • Eight modules each with their own set of resources
  • Access to my private community on my website where you can ask questions and receive critical feedback
  • A guide that even beginners who have never written in a book can utilize
  • Sample of the cold email that connected my to higher level ghostwriting agencies
  • A breakdown of one of my samples that has received the approval of literary agents and celebrity clients
  • Writing craft book recommendations
  • Links to relevant articles to help you elevate your ghostwriting career
  • Details about how I was able to find clients at the beginning of my career
  • Information about how I networked to find clients willing to pay five-figures per book
  • Tools and programs I utilize to make my ghostwriting career easier

Course Modules

  1. Introduction to Ghostwriting
  2. Gaining Experience
  3. Creating a Marketable Ghostwriter Profile
  4. Finding your First Clients
  5. Pitching a Client
  6. Logistics of Handling Your Client
  7. Managing your Ghostwriting Projects
  8. Networking to Find Higher Level Clients
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